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Welcome to the OZDE Network Service

The Australian Data Exchange (OZDE) provides the major industry framework for the exchange of ownership of wool in Australia. As part of these services OZDE administers the Wool Industry Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Network which is used extensively by industry participants to transmit information critical to the efficient functioning of the industry.

The current EDI Network has been in operation for over 20 years, and whilst still achieving its original purpose there now exists new technology to carry out this service in a more efficient and flexible manner.

This new technology is called Extensible Mark-up Language (XML). XML is an efficient data transport mechanism as it allows the data description to be included with the actual data items being transported. This means that instead of only the data being transmitted and needing to be parsed and interpreted once received by specially programmed software, any off the shelf PC software can be used to read and analyse the data.

As well as the added flexibility in the data that can be transmitted, XML allows more cost effective access to that data on a global basis via the web.

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